Tour Stuff Sack (XL)
Tour Stuff Sack (XL)
Tour Stuff Sack (XL)
Tour Stuff Sack (XL)


Tour Stuff Sack (XL)

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A set of waterproof roll top sacks for extra protection of your gear or safety organize your packing. Coming in a variety of sizes. Sold in a 3 pack (2L,4L,8L), or as a single (12L).


  • Lightweight but strong TPU / PU coated 70D Ripstop
  • Full welded construction.
  • Easy-open buckle.


Extra Large
Size  - 40cm x 25cm x 16cm*
Capacity - 12L
Weight - 65g 

 *cylindrical design, at max capacity, sizing approximate

A touring bike is designed to be versatile, and today, comes in many forms according to the riders preference and planned journey. The collection has high consideration for these key elements of touring, but we also wanted to keep the products neat and smart. You know what they say, ‘to look good is to feel good’, and our design aesthetic mixes uncompromisingly with refined function. Our tour collection should help you feel good about travelling far.

All the tour products have reflective elements on every outward facing aspect. These are numerous and large, even on smaller bags. They are not overbearing on the design, but add to it.

We have used lightweight yet tough materials for all our TOUR products, because even while carrying a large load, every gram counts.

Our roll top closures are convenient to both open and close. In a single action the bag is open and ready for access.

The TOUR collection uses mostly welded construction, and reduction in zips. This ensures your gear stays dry, even in a prolonged downpour.

The tour racks are based around the principle of the Triangle being the strongest multi-sided shape. Each side is kept as a continuous triangle and a ladder welded between, to create a strong yet lightweight product. 

Small pockets for small and regularly required items; multiple light attachment fixtures; extra protective and resistant materials in high wear areas; just one less thing to have to think about.