Offroad Front Rack
Offroad Front Rack
Offroad Front Rack
Offroad Front Rack
Offroad Front Rack


Offroad Front Rack

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Designed to pair with the Handlebar Bag but compatible with any other load. Made from Aluminium tube and solid rods, for a lightweight yet strong base with integrated M.O.L.L.E. attachment points. A secure and versatile place to carry essential equipment.


  • Fabric base with M.O.L.L.E anchor points.
  • 6061 Aluminium construction.
  • CNC’d handlebar clamps with multiple handlebar size fittings.
  • Limit screw and rubber inserts ensure fixed position (even on rough trails).
  • Gear Straps included


Size  - 22cm x 27.5cm x 28cm*
Fits 24.5mm & 31.8mm Handlebars
7Kg max load (With Strap Support)

Weight - 600g


 *size of rack. Not including handlebar clamp

Extreme landscapes and weather are what you expect from riding where there are no roads. You must take more gear, more securely, and ensure you have a backup plan.



Our off road bags and accessories were designed for the strength and versatility this riding discipline requires. The entire collection uses our version of the M.O.L.L.E. Gear used in the military, and adapts to the riders specific needs, helping them to organize large and complex loads.



These are our hardiest bags, for the most rewarding journeys.



All our larger bags and racks have welded integrated loops that do two jobs. Firstly they are the method by which to attach the bags securely to the bike frame. Secondly they can be used for securely strapping extra packs and gear.

The compliment to the M.O.L.L.E system. These straps are removable and replaceable, making the entire system serviceable ‘in the field’. They are constructed from military grade polyester webbing, and coated in TPU for a protective yet grippy finish.

To ensure these larger bags are stable on rough roads, we developed 2 rack systems. We have designed the bags and the racks together to ensure great compatibility, yet adaptability. These racks can be used with our bags, or with other loads.

The OFF ROAD collection is based around welding construction. This ensures your gear stays dry, even in a prolonged downpour.

In addition to the welded construction, small details such as zip covers and sealed openings are used to ensure the highest level of weather protection while riding out in these extreme environments.

Packing big bags can be difficult especially if you need every last cubic centimeter of space. On the larger bags, we use a robust and water tight air valve system to pack those bags tight.